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    Hua-Dong Concrete Mixing Plant

    Product Center
    Hua-DongHZS50JConcrete Mixing Plant

    1. Hua-Dong HZS50J Concrete Mixing Plant

    Model HZS50J Model of mixer JS1000b Productivitym3/h 50 Capability of discharge m3 1 Power of motor kW 18.5×2 Aggregate thickness mm 40/50 ……

    Hua-DongHZS75Concrete Mixing Plant

    2. Hua-Dong HZS75 Concrete Mixing Plant

    Model HZS75 Model of mixer JS1500b Productivitym3/h 75 Capability of discharge m3 1.5 Power of motor kW 30×2 Aggregate thickness mm 40/60 ……

    Hua-DongHZS90Concrete Mixing Plant

    3. Hua-Dong HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant

    Model HZS90 Model of mixer JS1500 Productivitym3/h 90 Capability of discharge m3 21.5 Power of motor kW 30×2 Aggregate thickness mm 40/60 ……

    Hua-DongHZS180Concrete Mixing Plant

    4. Hua-Dong HZS180 Concrete Mixing Plant

    Model HZS180 Model of mixer JS3000b Productivitym3/h 180 Capability of discharge m3 3 Power of motor kW 55×2 Aggregate thickness mm 40/60 ……

    Hua-DongHZS120Concrete Mixing Plant

    5. Hua-Dong HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant

    Model HZS120 Model of mixer JS2000b Productivitym3/h 120 Capability of discharge m3 2 Power of motor kW 37×2 Aggregate thickness mm 40/60 ……

    Hua-DongHDJ5253GJBSXConcrete Mixing Plant

    6. Hua-Dong HDJ5253GJBSX Concrete Mixing Plant

    product DELONG 10m3(EURO III) model HDJ5253GJBSX Loading weight kg 10590 Gross weight of truck mixer kg ……


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