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    Zoomlion Road Sweeper

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    ZoomlionSHZ18ARoad Sweeper

    1. Zoomlion SHZ18A Road Sweeper

    Features:Full hydraulic drive, power driven and flexible in nice appearance, applicable for city busy roads, walking streets, leisure squares, gymnasiums and palaestras, industrial parks, and residential areas.●Japanese KUBOTA diesel en……

    ZoomlionZLJ5063TSLE3Road Sweeper

    2. Zoomlion ZLJ5063TSLE3 Road Sweeper

    Feature:●Coring parts for Air operated and Hydraulic System is imported from oversea;●Cleaning device has function for automatic prevent and protection when meet faults and automatic reset, which can resolve problem for cleaning device ……

    ZoomlionSHZ22Road Sweeper

    3. Zoomlion SHZ22 Road Sweeper

    Features:Road Sweeper SHZ22 is completely hydraulically driven, and features flexible manipulation and pleasant appearance. The vehicle is suitable for busy city streets, pedestrian mall, leisure squares, sports stadiums, industrial areas……

    ZoomlionZLJ5064TSLE3Road Sweeper

    4. Zoomlion ZLJ5064TSLE3 Road Sweeper

    Feature:Special design for three stages dry dust cleaning control system and flow switch devicefor pneumatic conveying, which ensure sweeping car can perform operation during winter and rainy season, which can realize work in any environmen……

    ZoomlionZLJ5160TSLE3Road Sweeper

    5. Zoomlion ZLJ5160TSLE3 Road Sweeper

    ZLJ5160TSLE3 Road SweeperRoad Sweeper ZLJ5160TSLE3 sweeps roads mainly by suction and blowing functions, and by auxiliary methods such as flushing and magnetic suction and wet dust removal. The vehicle is suitable for road cleaning of city ……

    ZoomlionZLJ5163TSLE3Road Sweeper

    6. Zoomlion ZLJ5163TSLE3 Road Sweeper

    Feature:●It adopted combine unit for suck and sweep, warm dust collection to sweep road and keep road in cleanness condition. ●Cleaning device has function for automatic prevent and protection when meet faults and automatic reset, which……

    ZoomlionZLJ5164TSLE3Road Sweeper

    7. Zoomlion ZLJ5164TSLE3 Road Sweeper

    Feature:●It is set up a complete new pneumatic conveying system with parts wind volume filtration for parts reverse blow circulation as well as wind channel switch air damper during rainy day operation, which can realize working condition……


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