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    1. XCMG RP451L Paver

    RP451L paver is the first full hydraulic compact type tyre asphalt concrete paver. It adopts full hydraulic drive and automatic electro-hydraulic control, featuring advanced technology and reliable performance. The minimum width of the mach……

    Liugong509 Crawler Paver-FinisherPaver

    2. Liugong 509 Crawler Paver-Finisher Paver

    Built in accordance with international standardsStable performancelntelligent operating system greatly enhances working efficiencyEasy and convenient to operate with precision operationEngine ModelBF6M101 3Rated power133rpmRPM2300r/minSpeed……

    Sunwardmulti-functional paverPaver

    3. Sunward multi-functional paver Paver

    SWLT series of multi-functional paver, which is a new product developed independently by the Company, is mainly used in paving of High Class Road. It is developed on the foundation of fully digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technolog……

    VOLVOABG9820 Crawler Paver-FinisherPaver

    4. VOLVO ABG9820 Crawler Paver-Finisher Paver

    The Volvo ABG9820 is designed for placing all kinds of wearing, binder, and base courses in large paving widths up to 16 meters (52.5 ft) and thicknesses up to 500 mm (19.7 in). This heavy-duty paver offers a high paving output, ample reser……


    5. SANY SMP90EC Paver

    Paving width3.0mMax. Paving width9.0mMax. Paving thickness350mmWorking speed0~16m/min……


    6. DINGSHENG WTD12012 Paver

    The leveling system is characterized by fast response speed and high leveling precision.Left and right crawler belts are independently hydraulic driven to help maintain a constant paving speed and ensure good straight-ahead travel function ……


    7. DAGANG DGL5310TXJ Paver

    1) This paver makes fully use of the extra power of main engine of truck chassis, without donkey engine. This technique is unique in the world.2) Introduced auto control techniques, the operator is only required to input paving thickness, w……


    8. Huatong 2LTLZ45B Paver

    With more than 30 years of experience in building a complete range of mechanical control hydrostatic sensor pavers, TRXBUILD features models such as the 2LTLZ, the LTL and the WLT series, widely recognised by the industry as reliable and ef……

    WirtgenSUPER 3000-2Paver

    9. Wirtgen SUPER 3000-2 Paver

    Weight Basic Width Pave Width Laydown Rate 28.7 tonnes 3 m 16 m (max) 1,600 tonnes/h (max)……


    10. DYNAPAC PL2000S Paver

    Cutting sectionWorking width2,010 mmCutting depth320 mmCutting drum diameter1,100 mmNumber of tools162MassesTransport mass31 tOperating mass (CE)33.50 tMax. operating mass, fully loaded (CE)36.20 tEngineManufacturerCumminsFuelDieselCoolingW……

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